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Ottó Merkl & Károly Vig: Bogarak a Pannon Régióban
Beetles of the Pannonian Region
(In Hungarian) All superfamilies and families (114) found in the Pannonian biogeographical region are reviewed in detail. Nearly 700 original photographs and paintings. About 1800 species mentioned and treated.

Publishers: Directorate of Museums of Vas County, B. K. L. Kiadó, Hungarian Natural History Museum. Book design: Tamás Ottó Sellyei ISBN 978-9827-03-5 496 pages, hard cover.

We took about 200 macrophotos with my collegue, Tamás Németh for this book.

Invertebrate faunistical investigation of the Maramureş county

Merkl, O. 2008: Data to the knowledge on the beetle fauna of Maramureş, Romania (Coleoptera). – Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldiş, Seria Ştiinţele Vieţii (Life Science Series) 18(Supplement): 243–311.

I collected three times in
Maramureş, Romania  (2006, 2007, 2009) , and  I determined different families of the material (Anthribidae, Bruchidae, Silphidae).

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